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5 Calle A, 3-67 Zone 1

Department of Retalhuleu, Guatemala, Central America.

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hotel history

We are a hotel company, providing quality service to achieve the satisfaction of our customers through ideal rest conditions, combining fun with haute cuisine, using the potential of our team, through a process of continuous improvement, committed to care and respect for the environment.


To be a leading company in the hotel market, committed to our services to achieve customer satisfaction by highlighting the quality of our products with principles and values.

The start of operations of Hotel Posada de Don José, dates from 1977 at the time of Holy Week of that year, but previously in this same place that currently occupies was the Hotel Gran Unión which was later called Hotel Modelo. In 1973 he was bought by Don José Javier Morán Gramajo for the benefit of his family, for about 3 years he was leased to Mrs. Raquel Ponsa.

Mr. José Javier Morán Gramajo, was the one who founded this Hotel and for that reason it was necessary to remodel it to offer a better presentation, hiring the Architect René Estrada who made the design plans of the entire remodeling by investing in the equipment of the same Q.150,000.00 and construction Q.300,000.00 for which it only had its own capital. Until now the company is called Hotel Posada de Don José, the name of the company has not changed in its entirety; since it was previously called Hotel La Posada de Don José and the article “La” was deleted, leaving then the name of Hotel Posada de Don José.

The businessman José Javier Morán Gramajo, a man of good and high ideals of service to house the tourist creates this company, Don José Javier Morán Gramajo was originally from the city of Quetzaltenango, a few days later he was taken to the homeland of his family, Nuevo San Carlos, Retalhuleu, where he grew up and subsequently married Mrs. Clemencia Marroquín Hidalgo with whom he had seven children: Ana María, Aída Cristina, Angelina, José Antonio, Carlos Roberto, Salvador and María del Carmen. This entrepreneur who with entrepreneurial spirit and with the vision of customer service and the community founded this company with the support of his family to manage it, giving the opportunity to generate jobs to the Retalteca Society.

One of the sons of Don José, the Bachelor of Business Administration Carlos Roberto Morán Marroquín, graduated from the University of Menlo, California, United States of America, was the one who for many years supported the administration of this hotel together with his father for the benefit of all your family.

Subsequently, the administration of the same year 1992 assumes the Zootechnical Engineer José Antonio Morán Marroquín, graduated from the Technological and Higher Studies Institute of Monterrey Nuevo León, Mexico, who to date continues to administer the company, remaining the sole owner of the Company, as the family society with its brothers dissolves. Mr. José Antonio Morán's profession has allowed him to have to carry out field work outside this country, which is why he has made use of the hotel service abroad knowing a lot about international food, which has motivated him to continue providing This service to the national and foreign tourist, as well as his wife who specialized in cooking and is a great help to elaborate the menus that are available to the customer.

This company since its inception was located in this geographical area of ​​the city of Retalhuleu, which begins with the services of: Lodging for which 25 rooms, the Restaurant, the Pool and the Tavern were available. The size of it being located in XX meters of geographical extension. Due to the demand it has had, the room service was extended for this by creating an annex which is located in front of the central park of the city of Retalhuleu. Since its inception Hotel Posada de Don José is legally declared before the commercial laws of our country as well as the Guatemalan Tourism Institute.

Finally, in 2000, “Hotel Posada de Don José” manages to remain in the market, competing with the quality of its services, which has allowed it to qualify as a Three Star Hotel, as specified in Article No. 20 of the Government Agreement No. 1114 -83 Regulation for Lodging Establishments.


values that identify us

Service: we offer our customers quality service, meeting their expectations efficiently and thus meet the company's objectives.


Honesty: we provide excellent customer service when offering our services, ensuring the performance of our workers with consistency, seriousness and respect. Always acting with the truth.


Commitment: we are a company that fulfills our commitment to the client, during the development of our work from the moment it enters the facilities, providing the best possible service.


Respect: we give due consideration to all customers equally, valuing their needs in order to avoid any inconvenience to them. Also care for the environment.